About Mike

Mike Byrd Photography Self Portrait

…brief human history (well, this human):

Born and raised in the southern United States.
Spent 4 years of my childhood living abroad in Madrid, Spain.
Lived in the Washington DC area since 2003.
Studied music and art for most of my college and adult life.
Finally learned not to be embarrassed about my love for 80s pop culture and music.

…why photography:

Music and art, then photography. Seems logical… right??
Passion for creating something that clients will enjoy and use often.
Having the ability to chronicle events that matter in people’s lives.
LOVE the technical aspects of getting just the right shot.
Come on, the gear looks cool and is fun to use!


…what you get as my client:

A joke or two.
Quality, useable and customized images for whatever your project might be.
A photographer that will be connected to both your project AND you.
Energy, dedication, attention to detail and 100% effort for your project.
Competitive pricing without compromising quality.

…and finally:

As you can see from my portfolio, I specialize in event, portraiture and commercial photography. I highlight my concert photography for a few reasons. First and foremost, I LOVE music and being able to photograph some of my favorite artists over the years has been a blessing. Secondly, concert photography is very challenging. Photographers have 3-5 songs to get just those one or two images that capture the moment. No flash, no fancy studio and no slack! Those photographers have to rely on their expertise of exposure, composition and their camera. While I do know my way around a studio and am proud to offer professional quality studio equipment if needed, I hope you’ll see from my images that I have the passion and skill to work in the most demanding of situations. 

Some Past Concerts/Events Covered:

     + Toto
     + Extreme
     + Smash Mouth
     + Simple Minds
     + Bruce Hornsby
     + Bryan Adams
     + Richard Marx
     + Men Without Hats
     + Ambrosia
     + The Proclaimers
     + Jimmie’s Chicken Shack
     + Association of the United States Navy (AUSN) Congressional Events
     + Numerous Federal Government Private Events